Uganda Health Management Information System for Nutrition (HMIS) Training Package

Cover of publicationAmong priority interventions for nutrition in Uganda are reporting, monitoring and evaluation which include data collection—largely through the Health Management Information System (HMIS)—to track progress of nutritional status of the population and coverage of nutrition services offered through the country’s health structure. Until recently data management has not received adequate attention, especially capacity building among facility-based health workers. Poor data quality or no data at all have made planning, decision making, and implementation for nutrition services a challenge.

This package aims to build the knowledge and skills of health workers to be able collect, compile, and report timely, complete, and quality nutrition data, and to help them understand the benefits of collecting and reporting quality data for evidence-based decision making. Quality data and the capacity to use them will greatly improve coverage and delivery of nutrition services based on informed decision making, thus contributing to elimination of malnutrition. 

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