Photo Credits

© 2012 Gloria Senaris, Courtesy of Photoshare. Women walk to work in the fields in Laos.
© 2010 Jessica Scranton, FHI 360. Mother and child in a market in Zambia.
© 2009 Todd Shapera, Courtesy of Photoshare. Women volunteer at a seed nursery near their village in a deforested region of the Guatemalan Highlands. Many seedlings are Guama, a fast growing species that helps provide shade for their corn crops in the mountains surrounding their communities, and helps augment depleted fuel wood supplies.
© 2010 Jessica Scranton, FHI 360.
© 2010 Jessica Scranton, FHI 360. Woman in a Zambian market with a diverse variety of fruits and vegetables.
© 2012 Emiliano Albensi/, Courtesy of Photoshare. Bodiko, 3 years old and weighing only 6.8 kg, is one of several children in Bangui, Central African Republic, who are being treated for malnutrition by UNICEF and other NGOs.
© 2009 Hanmanta V. Wadgave, Courtesy of Photoshare. A self-help group (SHG) member provides a mother with information on infant and newborn care during a home visit in India.
© 2010 Jon Rawlinson.
© 2006 Shwe Inn Thar, Courtesy of Photoshare.  A mother in Bago, Myanmar takes a break from working in the paddy field to breastfeed her child. Women in rural areas in Myanmar have to routinely juggle child care with work.

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