Latest Project Updates

Image of growth chart

Mozambique Growth Charts and Reference Tables for Children and Adolescents

12 August 2018

FANTA creates anthropometric reference booklets for health care providers working with children and adolescents in Mozambique.

Image of figure 1 found in the success story

Côte d’Ivoire Success Story: How Community-Clinic Linkages Are Improving the Healthcare of People Living with HIV

7 August 2018

A new success story describes how a FANTA-developed community-clinic linkages model is improving nutrition and health of people living with HIV in Côte d’Ivoire.

Cover image from the counseling materials.

Mozambique’s Nutrition Counseling Materials for People Living with HIV and/or Tuberculosis

26 July 2018

FANTA worked with Mozambique’s Ministry of Health to develop nutrition counseling materials for health workers providing care to people living with HIV and/or tuberculosis.

Image of a scatterplot from the report

Ensuring Attainment of Required Survey Sample Size of Children under 5 Years of Age through the Projection of the Appropriate Number of Households to Randomly Sample

19 July 2018

Read about a new approach to projecting the required number of households to randomly sample to ensure the required sample size of children under 5 years.

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