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The Government of Guatemala has embraced policies and goals that reflect its commitment to nutrition and food security. The aim of the National Strategy for the Prevention of Chronic Malnutrition 2016–2020 is to reduce stunting among children under 2 by 10 percentage points by 2020. Its focus is primarily on nutrition and health during the 1,000 days from a woman’s pregnancy to her child’s second birthday, in 139 municipalities from seven departments where the implementation of the priority interventions is being intensified. To achieve this target, FANTA assisted the Government of Guatemala with advocating for and promoting the integration of evidence-based nutrition interventions into the national budgeting and planning processes, promoting food-based recommendations to improve the diets of children and women, and strengthening national and local capacities in maternal and child nutrition.

To assist Guatemala in reaching its food and nutrition goals, FANTA’s activities included:

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