Nutrition Costing and Advocacy in Guatemala

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In 2013–2014, FANTA and the Central American Institute of Fiscal Studies supported the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance in estimating the cost of scaling up essential nutrition interventions in Guatemala to address the high level of chronic malnutrition among children. Using an activity-based costing (ABC) approach, it became apparent that only one-third of what was required for national nutrition services was funded in 2013, and greater investment in maternal and child nutrition services is imperative to achieve national objectives. A report and executive summary provide details on the exercise, and a manual on the ABC approach provides guidance on how to use and apply the ABC methodology for costing nutrition interventions.

In addition, to help raise awareness among national and local government and civil society organizations of the need for greater investment to reduce chronic malnutrition, a series of briefs are available to encourage stakeholders to take action to improve nutrition in Guatemala.

Activity-Based Costing:

  • Rapid Guide for Activity-Based Costing (2016) (In Spanish)
  • Executive Summary: The Cost of Essential Nutrition Interventions to Reduce Chronic Malnutrition in Guatemala (2015) (In English and Spanish)
  • Report on Costing Nutrition Interventions in Guatemala (2014) (In Spanish)
  • Activity-Based Costing Manual (2014) (In Spanish)

Advocacy Briefs:

  • A Call to Action for Municipalities in Guatemala (2016) (In English and in Spanish)
  • A Call to Action for Government to Invest in Nutrition (2015) (In English and in Spanish)
  • A Call to Action for Civil Society to Advocate for Investment in Nutrition (2015) (In English and in Spanish)

This FANTA and USAID/Guatemala Spanish-language video raises awareness about the need for increased funding for nutrition and provides a call for action for government, civil society, and municipalities in Guatemala.

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