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As part of its efforts to improve nutrition throughout the country, the Malawi Government has joined the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement and is working to integrate nutrition care, support, and treatment (NCST) activities into health services. FANTA is providing technical assistance to the Office of the President and Cabinet and the Ministry of Health in these areas and implements its activities in coordination with the ASSIST and LIFT projects.

FANTA’s activities in Malawi include:

  • Strengthening national-level coordination of NCST and SUN, and advocating for the integration of NCST into national policies, strategies, plans, and monitoring and evaluation systems
  • Developing technical tools that will strengthen the quality of NCST service delivery and management
  • Strengthening competencies of NCST managers and service providers at the national and subnational levels 

FANTA is also working with its partners on the following research activities:

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