Agriculture and Nutrition Linkages

row of tomato plants

FANTA examines, strengthens, and promotes the vital linkages between agriculture and nutrition in countries and communities where we work. Our work in this area includes the following activities:

  • Supporting national governments in aligning their agricultural policies with their nutrition strategies and priorities.
  • Developing tools using a value chain approach to identify nutrition-sensitive agricultural interventions at value chain entry points that can lead to positive nutritional outcomes. These tools are commodity specific and can be generalized or adapted to a geographic region or country.
  • Integrating agriculture and nutrition linkages into guidance for the design of food aid development programs.  
  • Training agricultural stakeholders in key nutrition concepts and programming approaches.
  • Developing tools to improve understanding of nutrition-sensitive agriculture and capacity for nutrition-sensitive agriculture program design.
  • Promoting nutrition-sensitive interventions in agricultural settings.
  • Identifying local dietary deficiencies and developing appropriate food-based dietary recommendations, using tools such as Optifood.
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