Strengthening Nutrition Governance: FANTA Achievements and Lessons Learned

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Strong nutrition governance is essential for forming the foundation from which developing countries can provide and sustain quality nutrition services at scale. As such, strengthening and supporting nutrition governance has been a central part of FANTA’s work. Strengthening Nutrition Governance describes FANTA’s collaborative approach, which includes:

  • Facilitating multisectoral and multi-stakeholder engagement on nutrition; 
  • Supporting nutrition advocacy strategies and materials; 
  • Strengthening the capacity of multiple levels and sectors of government to lead, plan, budget for, and implement nutrition programming; 
  • Fostering government accountability through better financial management, improved collection of nutrition data, and enhanced capacity of journalists and civil society organizations to monitor government efforts. 

The report also offers key lessons that can inform future efforts to strengthen nutrition governance in developing countries. 

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