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Participant-Based Survey Sampling Guide for Feed the Future Annual Monitoring Indicators

27 September 2018

This updated guide provides a roadmap for participant-based survey sampling for Feed the Future annual monitoring indicators across different types of interventions: agriculture; maternal and child health and nutrition; and water, sanitation, and hygiene.


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Strengthening Health Systems: Key FANTA Achievements and Lessons Learned

25 September 2018

FANTA focuses on improving nutrition workforce, costing, governance, information systems, supply chains, and scale-up of quality services to strengthen health systems.


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NACS: A User's Guide

24 September 2018

The final NACS Module provides guidance on planning the integration of nutrition services into routine facility-based health care and community-based services using the NACS approach.

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NACS Planning and Costing Tool and User’s Manual

22 September 2018

FANTA-developed planning and costing tool helps policy makers and implementers plan for the design, financing, and management of nutrition assessment, counseling, and support. 


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Training Guide for Community-Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM), 2018 Version

20 September 2018

This training guide, revised in 2018, is designed for health care managers and health care providers who manage, supervise, and implement CMAM.

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Strengthening Nutrition in Mozambique: A Report on FANTA Activities from 2012 to 2018

18 September 2018

FANTA’s tailored technical assistance, collaborative approach, and hands-on support leave a legacy of improved nutrition services in Mozambique.

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Materials for Mozambique's Nutrition Rehabilitation Program

16 September 2018

With a focus on the management of malnutrition of children in Mozambique’s health care system, FANTA and the Ministry of Health have published a comprehensive package of materials to accompany the revised national Nutrition Rehabilitation Program's Manual for Nutrition Treatment and Rehabilitation - Volume I. 

Adolescent Pregnancy and Its Impact on the Prevalence of Stunting: Programmatic Considerations for Food for Peace Programs that Aim to Reduce Stunting

14 September 2018

This brief describes impact of adolescent pregnancy on stunting and presents successful programmatic activities that help prevent early marriage and childbearing.  

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Malawi’s Experience Shows How Nutrition Services Can Help Meet the ‘90-90-90’ HIV Treatment and Epidemic Control Targets

10 September 2018

This brief describes the efforts of Malawi and its partners to link nutrition with HIV services and the lessons that can inform other initiatives to meet the '90-90-90' targets.

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Success Stories: FANTA Collaboration with Mozambique Yields Progress against Malnutrition

5 September 2018

FANTA worked closely with Mozambique’s Ministry of Health, health facilities, and other stakeholders to improve nutrition among all vulnerable Mozambicans.


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