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Adolescent Pregnancy and Its Impact on the Prevalence of Stunting: Programmatic Considerations for Food for Peace Programs that Aim to Reduce Stunting

18 September 2018

New brief describes impact of adolescent pregnancy on stunting and presents successful programmatic activities that help prevent early marriage and childbearing.  

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Malawi’s Experience Shows How Nutrition Services Can Help Meet the ‘90-90-90’ HIV Treatment and Epidemic Control Targets

12 September 2018

This brief describes the efforts of Malawi and its partners to link nutrition with HIV services and the lessons that can inform other initiatives to meet the '90-90-90' targets.

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Success Stories: FANTA Collaboration with Mozambique Yields Progress against Malnutrition

5 September 2018

FANTA worked closely with Mozambique’s Ministry of Health, health facilities, and other stakeholders to improve nutrition among all vulnerable Mozambicans.

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Impact and Cost-Effectiveness of the Preventing Malnutrition in Children under 2 Approach

29 August 2018

New technical brief describes research design and findings of two FANTA studies on the Preventing Malnutrition in Children under 2 Approach (PM2A) in Burundi and Guatemala.

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The 'C' in NACS: FANTA’s Experience Improving Counseling in the Nutrition Assessment, Counseling, and Support (NACS) Approach

22 August 2018

Read the new technical brief on the importance of counseling in the nutrition assessment, counseling, and support (NACS) approach.

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Côte d’Ivoire Nutrition Training Materials for People Living with HIV

20 August 2018

New FANTA-developed French-language nutrition training materials focused on people living with HIV in Côte d’Ivoire.

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Nutrition Research Roundtable Meeting

17 August 2018

New report summarizes deliberations at the FANTA-led Nutrition Research Roundtable meeting on prevention of malnutrition in first 1,000 days.

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Mozambique Growth Charts and Tables for Children and Adolescents

12 August 2018

FANTA creates anthropometric reference booklets for health care providers working with children and adolescents in Mozambique.

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Côte d’Ivoire Success Story: How Community-Clinic Linkages Are Improving the Healthcare of People Living with HIV

7 August 2018

A new success story describes how a FANTA-developed community-clinic linkages model is improving nutrition and health of people living with HIV in Côte d’Ivoire.

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Mozambique’s Nutrition Counseling Materials for People Living with HIV and/or Tuberculosis

26 July 2018

FANTA worked with Mozambique’s Ministry of Health to develop nutrition counseling materials for health workers providing care to people living with HIV and/or tuberculosis.


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