Focus Areas

Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition

FANTA worked to improve the health and nutrition of vulnerable children and mothers in the developing world through programs supporting maternal and child health and nutrition (MCHN).

Nutrition and Infectious Diseases

FANTA supported programs in a number of target countries to prevent malnutrition and improve the nutritional status of people affected by infectious diseases.

Nutrition in Emergencies and Management of Acute Malnutrition

FANTA helped governments and other stakeholders design, implement, and monitor nutrition information systems; respond to nutrition emergencies; and better address chronic food insecurity.

Food Security

FANTA provided state-of-the-art technical support to strengthen food security policies, programs, and systems in developing countries.

Agriculture and Nutrition Linkages

FANTA examined, strengthened, and promoted the vital linkages between agriculture and nutrition in countries and communities where we worked.

Country-Level Nutrition Advocacy

FANTA’s country-level nutrition advocacy activities actively engaged government and nongovernment stakeholders by providing current, evidence-based information. 

Social and Behavior Change

FANTA’s work included developing national social and behavior change strategies and creating materials for social and behavior change advocacy.

Implementation Science

Implementation science was central to FANTA’s mandate to help improve nutrition programming by translating research and experience into evidence-based program guidance and practice.

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