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The Government of Mozambique aims to provide critical nutrition services to the general population, with a special focus on children in the first 2 years of life, women of reproductive age before and during pregnancy and lactation, adolescent girls 10–19 years of age, and people living with HIV and/or tuberculosis. A signatory of the Scaling Up Nutrition movement, the national government has ratified high-level commitments and enacted a multisectoral action plan to reduce chronic undernutrition and significantly improve maternal and child survival.

To assist Mozambique in reaching its nutrition goals, FANTA’s activities include:

    • Development of a national policy, national strategy, and job aids on infant and young child feeding 
    • Development of a national strategy on social and behavior change communication related to nutrition 
    • Support to the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative
    • Development and implementation of systems and tools to improve the quality of nutrition services
    • Support to community-based projects to promote healthy and nutritious diets and nutrition-related best practices

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