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DECEMBER 19, 2017

Film: Ngoma ya Roho – Dance of the Soul


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MAY 31, 2017

Why Is It Important to Prevent Early Childhood Malnutrition?




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FEBRUARY 28, 2017

Increasing Nutrition Investments in Guatemala: A Call to Action (Spanish)




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OCTOBER 24, 2016

Body Mass Index (BMI) Wheel





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MAY 9, 2018

Pre-service Nutrition Education and Training


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FEBRUARY 8, 2018

Nutrition as the Entry Point to Strengthening Health Systems


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NOVEMBER 30, 2017

Food for Peace and FANTA Webinar on Data Use in Decision Making



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DECEMBER 1, 2016

What Can Be Done to Prevent Chronic Malnutrition in Guatemala at the Municipality Level?



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AUGUST 17, 2016

Food for Peace Data Quality Assessment (Évaluation de la Qualité des Données Relatives aux Projets Relevant du Bureau de l’Alimentation pour la Paix)


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JUNE 28, 2016

Food-based Recommendations to Improve the Quality and Diversity of the Diet of the Mother-Child Group in the Western Highlands of Guatemala and Opportunities for Implementation (Recomendaciones Basadas en Alimentos para mejorar la calidad y diversidad de la dieta del grupo materno-infantil en el Altiplano Occidental de Guatemala y oportunidades para su implementación)


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MAY 24, 2016

New Sampling Guide for Beneficiary-Based Surveys for Select Feed the Future Agricultural Annual Monitoring Indicators 


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MARCH 31, 2016

Integrating Family Planning and Food Security: Lessons from the Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) Community, March 2016


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MARCH 30, 2016

Comment Preparer et Gere les Evaluations a Mi-Parcours des Projets du Bureau de l’Alimentation pur la Paix (FFP)



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MARCH 2, 2016

Food for Peace Data Quality Assessment



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DECEMBER 9, 2015

Integrating Family Planning with Nutrition and Food Security



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SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

How to Prepare and Manage FFP Mid-Term Evaluations

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