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In 2011, the Government of Uganda launched the first multisectoral Uganda Nutrition Action Plan (UNAP) to address the high prevalence of malnutrition among women and children, which was threatening the country’s health, education, and socio-economic development potential. Working across sectors, FANTA supported the Government of Uganda by helping it strengthen nutrition policies, programs, plans, and advocacy at the district and national levels. Working with key players—from new university graduates in nutrition to seasoned healthcare providers—FANTA worked to create an environment in which improving nutrition was accepted as a top priority, and stakeholders were equipped with the knowledge, tools, and support to move the nutrition agenda forward. All of FANTA’s activities are described in the Uganda Legacy Brief: Strengthening Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Programming in Uganda.

FANTA supported the Government of Uganda by:

Increasing awareness of and commitment to addressing malnutrition through nutrition advocacy

Strengthening multisectoral nutrition governance at the national and district levels

Integrating nutrition in health service delivery

Integrating nutrition in community development

Integrating nutrition into agriculture enterprise

Developing young leaders in nutrition

Aiding in coordination and knowledge sharing among nutrition partners

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