Malawi Nutrition Care, Support, and Treatment for Adolescents and Adults: Training Materials for Facility-Based Service Providers

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Malawi’s recently revised National Guidelines on Nutrition Care, Support, and Treatment (NCST) for Adolescents and Adults, provides the required minimum standards for delivering a comprehensive set of nutrition interventions aimed at preventing and managing undernutrition and overnutrition in adolescents and adults. To support implementation of the guidelines, FANTA produced a package of NCST training materials for facility-based health workers. The NCST training materials are designed for a range of health services providers, including doctors, clinical officers, medical assistants, nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, medical clerks, health surveillance assistants, home craft workers, expert clients, and data officers and clerks working in outpatient departments (OPDs), antiretroviral therapy clinics, antenatal/PMTCT clinics, and TB clinics. The training materials include a facilitators guide, participant’s manual consisting of six modules, and several supporting reference materials.

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