Acceptability of a Lipid-Based Nutrient Supplement among Guatemalan Infants and Young Children

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This study, which was carried out by FANTA partner University of California, Davis, assessed the acceptability of lipid-based nutrient supplements (LNS) among children 6–18 months in Suchitepéquez, Guatemala. A new flavor (cinnamon) was developed and tested alongside the “regular” peanut LNS flavor. A 2-day test-feeding trial using a crossover design was conducted to test both LNS flavors, followed by a 2-week home-use trial. LNS was mixed with a small quantity of home-prepared complementary food. The proportion of LNS consumed by the children and the caregivers’ preferences and perceptions of the product were assessed. The study concluded that both LNS flavors were acceptable in this population, with a tendency toward a higher acceptability for the peanut flavor.

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