FANTA III Knowledge Sharing and Dissemination Event: September 6, 2017, Washington, DC

FANTA hosted over 150 attendees at its Knowledge Sharing and Dissemination Event on September 6 at FHI 360 in Washington, DC. The event highlighted the project’s research and multisectoral nutrition activities and innovations, and the impact of its work at the global, country, and community levels, over the last six years.

View the Agenda, Session Descriptions, and key messages from the event on Twitter (#FANTAImpact). Presentations from the event are available below.


The content of these presentations is the responsibility of the presenters and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.

FANTA III Overview 
Sandy Remancus, Director, FANTA III Project

Research to Prevent Undernutrition in the First 1,000 Days (And Beyond)*
Moderator: Megan Deitchler 
Kathryn Dewey, University of California, Davis
Jef Leroy, IFPRI
Per Ashorn, University of Tampere

Research on Cost and Cost-Effectiveness of Nutrition Interventions to Prevent Undernutrition in the First 1,000 Days*
Moderator: Zeina Maalouf-Manasseh
Stephen Vosti, University of California, Davis
Deanna Olney, IFPRI

Implementation Science Matters
Moderator: Megan Deitchler
Reena Borwankar, Nilufar Rakhmanova, Zeina Maalouf-Manasseh, Kristen Cashin

Strengthening Multisectoral Governance for Nutrition 
Moderator: Jennifer Crum
Deborah Ash, Kavita Sethuraman, Hanifa Bachou

Nutrition as the Entry Point to Strengthening Health Systems
Moderator: Tina Lloren
Alice Nkoroi, Aimee Rurangwa, Alejandro Soto

Experiences and Lessons Learned in Capacity Building
Moderator: Serigne Diene
Rebecca Egan, Monica Woldt, Rebecca Namara

Igniting Social and Behavior Change for Improved Nutrition 
Moderator: Alisa Alano
Tara Kovach, Deborah Ash, Mary Packard

Addressing Monitoring and Evaluation Challenges at Country and Global Levels
Facilitator: Sujata Bose
Diana Stukel, Reena Borwankar, Shelly Amieva, Hanifa Bachou

New Information Circuit

Please visit FANTA’s Tools webpage to access published tools.

Minimum Dietary Diversity for Women: A Guide to Measurement 
Megan Deitchler 

Sampling Guides: Conducting Sample Surveys to Support M&E Activities 
Diana Stukel 

SBC Tools for NACS 
Mary Packard 

Manual for Country-Level Nutrition Advocacy Using PROFILES and Nutrition Costing
Elisabeth Sommerfelt and Tara Kovach 

NACS Planning and Costing Tool 
Tina Lloren 

Body Mass Index Wheel—A Simple, Time-Saving Tool 
Serigne Diene 

Nutrition-Sensitive Agricultural Programming: An Online Course 
Kavita Sethuraman 

Guide to Anthropometry: A Practical Tool for Program Planners, Managers, and Implementers 
Kristen Cashin 

Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Toolkit 
Amanda Yourchuck 

Nutrition Assessment, Counseling, and Support (NACS): A User’s Guide 
Aimee Rurangwa 


* Most of the results presented in this session are in the process of submission to peer-reviewed journals, which require that the results not be published elsewhere. For this reason, we are not posting the presentations until the results are published. Please check FANTA’s research webpages for results from these studies that have been published:

6 September 2017

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