Manual for Country-Level Nutrition Advocacy Using PROFILES and Nutrition Costing

 National nutrition advocacy

This resource provides comprehensive, step-by-step instructions for facilitating a national country-level nutrition advocacy planning process using the PROFILES nutrition advocacy tool and nutrition costing. Designed for practitioners working in and with government and their stakeholders to conduct nutrition advocacy planning in a given country, the manual is based on a process that FANTA developed, field-tested, and refined over several years of facilitating nutrition advocacy in developing countries using a collaborative approach. The process includes the following steps:

step 1 Step 1. Convene a multisectoral core working group and then conduct a stakeholder meeting on nutrition advocacy using PROFILES and nutrition costing.

step 2 Step 2. Conduct a PROFILES workshop, present preliminary results, and develop reports.

step 3 Step 3. Develop cost estimates for nutrition service delivery, present preliminary results, and develop a report.

step 4 Step 4. Conduct a nutrition advocacy planning workshop and finalize a nutrition advocacy plan and materials. 

The manual includes planning guidance; session plans for workshop and meeting facilitators; presentations with scripted notes; handouts for workshop and meeting participants; and templates (including the PROFILES spreadsheet workbook) for use in each step of the process.

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