Effectiveness of Lipid-Based Nutrient Supplements in Bangladesh

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FANTA partner University of California, Davis (UC Davis) is evaluating the effectiveness of lipid-based nutrient supplements (LNS) for improving nutrition among pregnant and lactating women and their children in Bangladesh. This cluster-randomized, controlled effectiveness study is evaluating the impact of supplementation of the mother’s diet with LNS or iron and folic acid (IFA) on their health and nutrition and the health and nutrition of their newborns, as well as the effect of supplementing children’s diet with LNS or multiple micronutrient powder (MNP) on their nutrition, health, and developmental outcomes through 24 months of age. Additionally, as part of the study, UC Davis is evaluating the operational aspects of delivering the supplements through community-based programs, assessing willingness to pay for LNS and MNP, and the relative and absolute cost and cost-effectiveness of each approach.

The study population will be followed up 2 years after the intervention to assess long-term impacts of the supplementation on child growth and body composition, food preferences, cognitive development, and pre-academic skills.

The following work has been completed to date:

Additional results will be published on: the process evaluation of the intervention, the health and nutrition outcomes of the children at 24 months and at approximately 4 years of age, on the study population’s willingness to pay for the supplementation, and on the cost and cost-effectiveness of the intervention.

Collaborating Organizations: ICDDR,B and LAMB

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