CMAM Costing Tool

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This Microsoft Excel-based application estimates the costs of establishing, maintaining, and/or expanding services for community-based management of acute malnutrition (CMAM) at the national, sub-national, and district levels. This information helps program managers determine whether their plans for CMAM are financially feasible, identify the resources needed, and formulate an effective implementation plan. (Note that this tool deals only with the management of severe acute malnutrition.)

The complete set of materials contains 4 files. The CMAM Costing Tool Workbook, Version 1.1 is the blank costing tool workbook. The CMAM Costing Tool User’s Guide provides explanations and useful instructions, including a case study on pages 42-43 and a practice exercise on pages 43-49. The CMAM Costing Tool Case Study, Version 1.1 provides a completed workbook with real-life data from Ghana. Users are encouraged to explore and alter the case study data to better understand the tool’s structure, data requirements, and generated results. After becoming familiar with the tool, users are encouraged to practice with a blank workbook following the practice exercise in the user’s guide. The CMAM Costing Tool Exercise Corrected, Version 1.1, provides answers to the practice exercise. Users can compare their data inputs and generated results with the already-corrected exercise.

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