What Gets Measured, Gets Done: Identifying Integrated Indicators that Count

A presentation at the Clean, Fed & Nurtured (CF&N) session at the Global Health Mini-University outlined the “why” and the “how” of developing and measuring indicators for integrated global health programs to better promote essential multisector collaboration of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH); nutrition; and early childhood development (ECD). Held March 4, the Mini-University was sponsored by USAID, the George Washington University, and the Global Health Professional and Organizational Development (GHPOD) Project.

The speakers—including CF&N members Merri Weinger (USAID), Monica Woldt (FANTA), and Julia Rosenbaum (WASHplus)—shared evidence supporting the link between the three sectors of WASH, nutrition, and ECD and promoted cross-sectoral collaboration. They then addressed integral questions regarding which indicators need to be defined, how to evaluate them, and the kind of research needed to develop more appropriate indicators for successful integration.

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