Reducing Malnutrition in Tanzania: Estimates to Support Nutrition Advocacy, Tanzania PROFILES 2014

cover of reportWith the prevalence of various forms of undernutrition decreasing slowly in Tanzania, there is renewed high-level commitment for multisectoral action to accelerate the reduction. To support the momentum, in 2014, with the Prime Minister’s Office and Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre, FANTA supported a multi-stakeholder PROFILES process, which generated estimates of the benefits of improved nutrition on health, development outcomes, and economic productivity—as well as the consequences of no improvement in current nutrition indicators. Estimates for the period 2014 to 2025 showed that implementing effective nutrition interventions at high coverage would save 120,633 children from stunting-related deaths and gain US$39 billion in economic productivity and 24.7 million equivalent school years of learning.

The Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre, Prime Minister’s Office, High-Level Steering Committee for Nutrition, and key line ministries continue to use PROFILES estimates to build sector commitment to plan and budget for nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions at national and Local Government Authority levels.

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