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World AIDS Day December 1

World AIDS Day 2016: Leadership. Commitment. Impact.

1 December 2016

Through leadership, commitment, and impact, FANTA is contributing to global efforts in developing effective HIV prevention and treatment strategies as well as strategies to help people living with HIV adhere to HIV treatment and improve their quality of life. Learn more about FANTA’s work in improving the lives of people living with HIV.

photo of Gad Tukamushaba presenting

7th African Nutrition Epidemiology Conference (ANEC VII)

23 November 2016

FANTA presented “Strengthening Multisectoral Planning for Nutrition at the Local Government Level: Experience from Uganda ” at the 7th African Nutrition Epidemiology Conference on October 12th. In the presentation, FANTA shared its approach to strengthening local nutrition governance through the District Nutrition Coordination Committee Initiative.

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Effective Sustainability and Exit Strategies for USAID FFP Development Food Assistance Projects

14 November 2016

FANTA’s exit strategy study, conducted by Tufts University, has fundamentally informed the strategic approaches of FFP’s new strategy. The study was carried out in four countries to provide guidance to future development projects on sustainability. Recommendations from the study are reflected in the FFP guidance, which focuses on longer-term sustainable gains as opposed to more near-term modest results.

Kavita Sethuraman presents on PROFILES at CORE Group global meeting

FANTA Presents PROFILES Advocacy Tool at CORE Group Global Conference

8 November 2016

At the CORE Group Fall 2016 Global Health Practitioner Conference on Oct 13–14, 2016, FANTA discussed our nutrition advocacy process and explained how the newly revised PROFILES tool supports country-level nutrition advocacy.

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