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Zambian Health Officials Tap into Tanzania’s Experience with NACS Integration during Study Visit

17 February 2017

FANTA supported a visit to Tanzania in November 2016 by a delegation of Zambian national and district health officials to learn from Tanzania’s experience integrating nutrition assessment, counseling, and support (NACS) into its health care services. The four-day visit provided the Zambian officials with new ideas for strengthening NACS implementation and integration.

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Tanzania National Guidelines for Nutrition Care and Support of People with HIV

16 February 2017

These national guidelines aim to standardize nutrition care and support for malnourished people with HIV at both health facility and community levels; provide a framework for planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation; and help front-line service providers deliver quality nutrition services for people with HIV.

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Uganda District Nutrition Coordination Committee Initiative

10 February 2017

A new brief describes support provided to Uganda District Nutrition Coordination Committees (DNCC) and their stakeholders to define DNCC functionality, which includes specific roles, responsibilities, and benchmarks against which DNCC capacity and performance can be measured. These efforts were part of FANTA’s DNCC Initiative, which has strengthened national and district nutrition leadership and governance in Uganda.

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Webinar: What Can Be Done to Prevent Chronic Malnutrition in Guatemala at the Municipality Level?

8 February 2017

To strengthen actions preventing chronic malnutrition in Guatemalan municipalities, FANTA and INCAP held a webinar aimed at municipal authorities on how to implement activities around local food-based recommendations to meet the nutritional requirements of the women and children in the Western Highlands.

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