Latest Project Updates

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Event Highlights FANTA Efforts to Strengthen NACS Integration in Zambia

16 October 2017

FANTA event in Lusaka highlights the project’s successes, challenges, lessons, and recommendations for integrating nutrition assessment, counseling, and support into Zambia’s health services. 

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Indonesia Minimum Service Standards for Nutrition: Technical Briefs for District Health Administrators and Governors and Heads of Districts

13 October 2017

Indonesia’s updated Minimum Service Standards (MSS) at the district level define health services that must be provided to its citizens. FANTA has produced two technical briefs to orient district health administrators (DHAs) and heads of districts and governors (who oversee DHAs) on why nutrition is important to achieve the MSS district health indicators. The briefs also provide guidance on nutrition interventions needed to improve health and nutrition outcomes and achieve the MSS district health indicators.

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Success Story: Improving Regional Capacity for Sustainable NACS Services in Ethiopia

11 October 2017

FANTA leverages in-country resources to help regional health bureaus incorporate nutrition assessment, counseling, and support into routine HIV services to ensure quality and promote sustainability.

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Uganda Health Management Information System for Nutrition (HMIS) Training Package

10 October 2017

FANTA has developed a training package to build the capacity of health services providers responsible for collecting and reporting nutrition data in Uganda. The training material covers nutrition data elements in the Health Management Information System (HMIS), and provides tools and approaches for ensuring ensuring quality data collection and reporting at district, health sub-district, health facility, and central/national levels.

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