Staff Highlights

Administrative Assistant

Eunice deals with the administrative process for the FANTA team, including drafting correspondence, planning and preparing meetings and conference calls, handling the procurement process, and coordinating daily transportation.

Senior Technical Officer, Clinical

Ibraimo supports PRN I implementation in Nampula Province (Mecuburi and Angoche districts, each with two health facilities) and Zambezia Province (Nicoadala and Alto Molocue districts, each with two health facilities).

Senior Technical Officer, Public Health

Victória provides technical assistance to MISAU (Ministry of Health) in social and behavior change communication (SBCC), infant and young child nutrition (IYCN), and nutrition counseling, as well as technical assistance in reviewing national policies, strategies, guidelines, protocols.

Technical Director

Dr. Stelio Albino focuses on clinical aspects of FANTA's work in Mozambique.

Project Manager

Catherine leads the FANTA project in Nigeria which includes planning, implementation, and supervision of the project. She also manages stakeholders at federal and state levels and conducts training on NACS for health care workers.

Nutrition Specialist

Phindile is the Nutrition Specialist for FANTA Malawi, responsible for the Nutrition Assessment Care and Support (NACS) portfolio (locally known as Nutrition Care Support and Treatment–NCST). The NCST program targets adolescents and adults, most of whom are living with HIV.

Technical Advisor, Nutrition Delivery Science

As a member of FANTA’s Global Leadership team, Reena manages a diverse set of activities, primarily in support of the Office of Food for Peace. If the task involves qualitative research, landscape analyses, gender or family planning integration, she is usually involved!

Senior Technical Officer, Nutrition

Paula's responsibility is to support PRN (the nutrition rehabilitation program) and quality improvement (QI) trainings and provide follow-up technical assistance to improve the management and implementation of PRN in the drought-affected districts of Sofala, Manica, Tete, Gaza, and Inhambane.

Senior Technical Officer, Nutrition

Ema supports PRN and quality improvement trainings, and provides follow-up technical assistance to improve the management and implementation of the national Nutrition Rehabilitation Program (Programa de Reabilitação Nutricional [PRN]).

Program Officer

Caroline Johnbosco Mshanga provides programmatic and technical assistance and support to the FANTA project by collecting, compiling, and analyzing information relevant to the project.


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