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Three women in Guatemala with a baby

Improving Dietary Diversity to Enhance Women’s and Children’s Nutritional Status in Guatemala’s Western Highlands: Recommendations for the Guatemalan Agriculture Sector

19 December 2016

The agriculture sector has a significant role to play in improving the nutritional status of women and children. This brief provides recommendations to improve availability of and access to nutrient-dense local foods to improve dietary diversity and reduce nutrient gaps among women and children in the Western Highlands.

boy buying produce at a cart

26th Annual Martin J. Forman Memorial Lecture: The Virtuous Emulsification of Business and Nutrition

12 December 2016

With FANTA support, the 26th Annual Martin J. Forman Memorial Lecture took place at the International Food Policy Research Institute and explored how non-business and business actors engage more productively within the mixed-economy food system to form healthy rather than toxic alliances in the fight against malnutrition.

smiling mother holding child eating fruit

2nd World Breastfeeding Conference 2016

8 December 2016

FANTA presented on and discussed nutrition advocacy and community nutrition assessment, counseling and support at the upcoming World Breastfeeding Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. The conference drew in nutrition policy makers from around the world to analyze progress made and challenges faced in enhancing breastfeeding rates globally since 2012.

World AIDS Day December 1

World AIDS Day 2016: Leadership. Commitment. Impact.

1 December 2016

Through leadership, commitment, and impact, FANTA is contributing to global efforts in developing effective HIV prevention and treatment strategies as well as strategies to help people living with HIV adhere to HIV treatment and improve their quality of life. Learn more about FANTA’s work in improving the lives of people living with HIV.

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